TAKAGIが拓く未来 代表取締役 髙木秀仁

We have been contributing to society as a convertec-roll manufacturer in various industrial fields, keeping pace with changing times and advances. We have been introducing cutting edge technical innovations since we were established in 1921.
Technique and Know-how that we have accumulated for nearly a century, establish a foundation with which we can meet and even exceed our customer’s expectations.
Business ethics are often called into question in the rapidly changing world that We live in, so we promote the ideas : “thanks, “faithfulness” and “harmony”. Together we will try to meet and anticipate the needs of every one of our customers so that we can continue in a long lasting mutually beneficial business relationship long into the future.


PRECISION Establishing new fields based on carefully forstered techniques STRATEGY

Precision work.

This is the basic enterprising concept, which has been constantly pursued by Takagi Chokoku.

Takagi Chokoku first developed and introduced photo engraving to the textile printing industry of Japan.
Utilizing this technology, Takagi Chokoku has expanded the applications to include flat screen making, rotary screen making, embossing process, and gravure process, one after the other.

Currently, Takagi Chokoku manufactures rollers for printing wall paper, ceiling materials and food products in addition to the traditional textile printing applications.

Takagi Chokoku also manufacturers precision metal foils and electronic machine parts by electroforming and chemical etching processes.
The history of Takagi Chokoku has been a history of major contributions to technology.

GRAPHIC Data making to meet the strict demands of industry

The graphics section is the most important in the production of print rollers, rotary screens and flat screens. This is the most fundamental and valuable technology for Takagi Chokoku in utilizing data making methods.

The process of this technology is composed of first color scanning by CAD systems and then, all kinds of customer demands can be satisfied by ink jet printers, laser engravers, etc., upon computer graphics.

At Takagi Chokoku we are always challenging ourselves to be the leader in the use of the latest technology.

ENGRAVING Unique engraving techniques applied to various new fields

The engraving techniques of Takagi Chokoku bring marvelous variety to textile printing.

Flat screens, which are inexpensive and easy to manufacture, make it possible to print small amounts but also a greater variety.

The carefully developed techniques of Takagi Chokoku are used to produce all kinds of print rollers, embossing rollers for textured floor and wall covering and galvanic cylinders for making various patterns on chocolates and biscuits.

Additionally, a laser engraving system was installed to meet the demand of short-delivery with a film-less process.

CHEMICAL From covering plate to forming plate

An engraved roll is plated by chrome or nickel as the occasion demands.

Utilizing this advanced technique of printing, Takagi Chokoku manufactures precision instruments of nickel pattern foil and nickel foil products of electro-formed materials.

Applying this technology, electronic machine parts are produced more precisely and less expensively.

AtTakagi Chokoku we are always challenging ourselves in new fields of chemical technology.

Worldwide A Name known worldwide, “ Takagi Chokoku “

As Takagi Chokoku developed its specialized technologies one after the other, the company also began its worldwide concept of marketing.

In 1934, Takagi Chokoku established a local factory in Shanghai, China.
At that time, textile prints were uncommon in China, so it is not an overstatement that Takagi Chokoku was important in the initial introduction of printed designs in areas outside Japan.

With overseas activities such as the export of products and technical advice, as well as the establishment of overseas affiliated companies in Taiwan and America, Takagi Chokoku’s superior technique has gained a worldwide reputation for its excellent quality. The name “Takagi Chokoku “ is widely recognized for its superior brand name among our customers and affiliates throughout the world.

Information, which comes from the company’s foreign affiliates and its worldwide customer base, provides real time feedback and is directly connected to new technical and business development. With this level of international marketing and global development, Takagi Chokoku contributes to the quality of life throughout the world.

PRODUCT USE   Our rolls are used to produce the following kinds of articles

Clothes, Bedclothes, Seat cloth of furniture, vehicles (an automobile, train, etc. ), Curtains
Filter for Marine Application, Stationery such as Clear-files, Label packages such as shampoo, Building materials such as Wallpaper & Flooring, Carbon-sheet of floor heaters, Printing onto the corrugated-cardboard, Designs of leather products (real leather and vinyl chioride )
Liquid Crystal Film, IC antenna for RFID, Drums for Copy Equipment
Rotary Screen Printing on Biscuits & Cookies, Labels such as Wine


Established: February 13, 1921
Incorporated: December 8, 1948
Capital: ¥67,500,000
Representative: Hidehito Takagi / President
Employees: 92 employees including officers (as of June 2018)
Activities: Emboss roller manufacturing
Gravure roller manufacturing
Anilox roller manufacturing
Precision gravure coating roller
Roller engraving for textile printing
Rotary screen making
RSI rotary screen making
Flat screen making
Copper plated products
Copper plated iron rollers
Hard chrome plating
Nickel plating
Nickel perforated cylinder for rotary screen-printing
Nickel electro-formed products
Air-cylinder for flexo printing
Nickel sleeve
Sales of related materials, products and machines
Exporting, importing, engineering
Technical consulting services
Head Office:
Address : 1525 Nakanoshima, Wakayama City, Wakayama Japan Post Code 640-8392 Japan
Phone : 81-73-423-5205 / Fax : 81-73-428-0227
It takes about 5 minutes by taxi from the JR Wakayama Station.
It takes about 8 minutes by taxi from the Nankai Wakayama City Station.
Head Office
Electro Plating Division:
Address: 1580 Nakanoshima, Wakayama City, Wakayama 640-8392 Japan
Phone : 81-73-426-2722 / Fax : 81-73-426-2688
It takes about 5 minutes by taxi from JR Wakayama Station.
It takes about 8 minutes by taxi from Nankai Wakayama City Station.
Electro Plating Division
Kozaika Factory:
Address : 302-4 Kozaika, Wakayama City, Wakayama 641-0007 Japan
Phone : 81-53-423-5208 / Fax : 81-53-423-5209
It takes about 12 minutes by taxi from JR Wakayama Station.
It takes about 15 minutes by taxi from Nankai Wakayama City Station.


Company name: NIEFTEC CO., LTD.
Established: May 21, 1992
Incorporated: May 1, 1992 (Incorporated together with Ms. FUKUDA METAL FOIL & POWDER CO., LTD. )
Capital: ¥50,000,000
Representative: Hidehito Takagi / President
Employees: 41 employees including officers (as of June 2018)
Activities: Manufacturer of various nickel foil
Quality Policy: Always offer products to customers which can be trusted & supported.
ISO Certificate: Company received ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)
Company received ISO 14001 (Environment Management System)
3-7-7 Kozaika, Wakayama City, Wakayama 640-0007 Japan
Phone : 81-073-436-5205 / Fax : 81-73-426-0366
It takes about 13 minutes by taxi from JR Wakayama Station.
It takes about 16 minutes by taxi from Nankai Wakayama City Station.

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1525 Nakanoshima, Wakayama City, Wakayama 640-8392 Japan  PHONE.81-73-423-5205 /FAX.81-73-428-0227
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