Company Information

An affiliate

Photograph of NIEFTEC CO., LTD.

Address:  3-7-7 Kozaika, Wakayama City,
Wakayama 641-0007 Japan
Established:  May 21, 1992
Incorporated:  May 1, 1992
(Incorporated together with Messrs.  Fukuda Metal Foil & Powder Co., Ltd.)
Capital:  ¥50,000,000
Representative:  Hidehito Takagi
Employees:  42 employees
Phone:  81-73-436-5205  Fax:  81-73-426-0336
Activities:  Manufacturer of various Nickel Foil

Quality Policy :  Always offer products which can be trusted & supported by customers.

Environmental Policy:

  1. Resource saving, promotion of the energy-saving activity.
    Electricity reduction of the consumption of energy, we promote waste and recycling reduction, and also we try for the prevention of reduction of the environmental load and environmental pollution.
  2. The observance of environment-related laws and regulations.
    With observing environment-related laws and regulations of country, prefecture and city, we assure an agreement of a self- governing body concerned and local inhabitants, and we try for prevention of before the fact of environmental pollution.
  3. Continuous promotion of the aim management activity.
    Making influence to give environment in operation clear, we make a frame fixing environment target for again and can go ahead through the continuous environmental maintenance & improvement activity.
  4. Promotion of the enlightenment activity.
    Making the environmental safeguard activity promotion system and the responsibility in the office clear, by education & training all staff, we deepen consciousness about the environmental problem and promote enlightenment activity.
A Name known worldwide, “Takagi Chokoku

As Takagi Chokoku developed its specialized technologies one after the other, the company also began its worldwide concept of marketing.

For example, by 1934, Takagi Chokoku had established a local factory in Shanghai, China.  At that time, textile prints were uncommon in China; so, it is not an overstatement that Takagi Chokoku was important in the initial introduction of printed designs in areas outside Japan.

With overseas activities such as the export of products and technical advice, as well as the establishment of overseas affiliated companies in Taiwan and America, Takagi Chokoku’s superior technique has gained a worldwide reputation for its excellent quality.  The name “Takagi Chokoku” is widely recognized for its superior brand name among our customers and affiliates throughout the world.

Information, which comes from the company’s foreign affiliates and its worldwide customer base, provides real time feedback and is directly connected to new technical and business development.

With this level of international marketing and global development, Takagi Chokoku contributes to the quality of life throughout the world.