Company Information


2014 Acquired Wahoku Seiki Co.,Ltd. as an affiliate company.
2013 The 65th Anniversary Foundation Commemorative Ceremony conducted.
2012 Electro-Plating Factory, 3rd Factory Ridge Completion.
2011 Taiwan Takagi Chokoku Co., Ltd. was Changed to A Business Collaboration Company.
TKG International Corp. was Changed to A Business Collaboration Company.
DIGILAS Laser Imager No.2 by SHEPERS installed.
2009 Tamakazu Takagi became Chairman of the Company.
Hidehito Takagi became President of the Company.
2008 The 60th Anniversary Foundation Commemorative Ceremony conducted.  
Kozaika Factory established.
Hamamatsu Factory closed.
2007 Takagi Chokoku Co., Ltd.  was chosen as one of “300 of Japan’s Dynamic Monozukuri Manufactures, Year 2007”
by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan.
2006 Laser Imager installed.  
2005 Publication of Sixth PRIVATE-PRESSMENT-BOND (200 million Yen)
2004 Publication of fourth PRIVATE-PRESSMENT-BOND (100 million Yen) & fifth PRIVATE-PRESSMENT-BOND (100 million Yen).
2003 Digital Engraving System for Embossing roll’s mill installed.
2002 Publication of third PRIVATE-PRESSMENT-BOND (100 million Yen). 
2001 Nieftec Co., Ltd.  The 10th Anniversary Foundation Commemorative Ceremony conducted.  Hard copper plating device installed. Large Size Flat Bed Scanner installed.
2000 Polishing system installed.
1999 Publication of first PRIVATE-PRESSMENT-BOND(100 million Yen) & second PRIVATE-PRESSMENT-BOND (100 million Yen).  Gravure Electronic Engraving System installed.  Laser Engraver for Rotary screen installed.
1998 The 50th Anniversary Foundation Commemorative Ceremony conducted.  New environmental pollution and draining facilities in factory of head office improved.  RSI rotary screen making system installed.
1997 New environmental pollution and draining facilities construction in electro, plating factory completed.
1994 Iwade warehouse completed in Iwade city, Wakayama.
1992 Nieftec Co., Ltd incorporated.  New office & factory of Hamamatsu Factory completed and started rotary screen making work.
1991 New factory for TKG completed in Macon, Georgia, the United States.
1990 Nieftec Factory established.
1987 Tamakazu Takagi became President of the Company.
1986 Began to manufacture nickel drums and nickel sleeves.
1981 TKG International Corp increased the capital to U.S.$600,000.
1979 Began to produce Ni foil and Ni pattern.
1977 Main factory (4th Floor) building of head office completed.  TKG International Corp increased the capital to U.S. $500,000.  FICSA established in Central America.
1976 TKG International Corp established in Macon, Georgia, the United States.
1973 Hamamatsu Factory established to produce roller engraving and flat screen making in Hamamatsu City.
1972 Began to manufacture perforated cylinder and galvano screen process for rotary screen-printing.  New process for Rotary screen developed (pierce etching process).
1969 Emboss factory established. Taiwan Takagi Chokoku Co.,Ltd incorporated in Taipei, Taiwan.
1968 Gravure Engraving process started.
1967 Started exporting to Africa.  Began to dispatch technicians to foreign countries.
1966 Electro-plating factory opened.  36 sulfuric acid copper plating tanks installed.  Hard chrome plating started.  Rotary screen making started.
1958 Copper Plating Division’s operation started.
1955 Photo process engraving for textile printing developed first in Japan.
1948 Takagi Chokoku Co., Ltd incorporated.  Hideo Takagi became President of the Company.
1934 Shanghai factory established in China.
1921 Takagi engraving factory established by Tomezo Takagi   in Wakayama City, Japan